German photographer working across many genres to document moments and faces.
As part of the LGBTQ community, it is important for Chiara (pronounced 'Kiara') to shine a light on underrepresented topics and people, ensuring that her work serves as their voice. Listening, observing, and learning are three of her key aspects in generating the essence of a story. With a cinematic touch to her analog and digital photographs, Chiara's work focuses on everyday life — the challenges we face, ups & downs, the authentic faces we make as humans, and highly impactful, individual stories — through honest and unbiased storytelling.
Chiara's first documentary project "Hallo Papa, bist du da?" ("Hello Dad, are you there?") was published by three German online magazines and an Austrian print paper and was the beginning of her photographic journey. After her father's longstanding disease, followed by his death, Chiara had to explore her emotions deeper and become more self-aware than most people in their early twenties. Through her aforementioned project, she experienced how powerful pictures can be and what they are able to express and communicate. After graduating from film school in Germany, Chiara was more intrigued by still images and the power behind the medium, thus she pursued her career as a photographer.
She is now based in Los Angeles, CA.​​​​​​​
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SHATTERED HEARTS @ Vault Gallerie, Chicago

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