AFTER HOURS - Scenes About A State Of Mind
Los Angeles, 2018 - 2021
0.12-0.15 ETH
AFTER HOURS is an exclusive collection of 10 images taken between sunset and dusk. It tells the story of a sensation or feeling that comes to a person after regular operating hours, such as peacefulness, heartbreak, serenity, sadness, satisfaction or regret. Although in the end you realise it’s you against yourself.
On the ground, light has faded now and objects become hard to distinguish from the background or each other. They seem more like silhouettes. Your color-vision gives way to shades of tungsten as there is no longer enough light for your eyes to differ between detailed color schemes. The horizon is still visible while the sun sets 12 degrees below.
#06 darling / #07 interstellar
#04 blue night / #10 a year from here
#03 i'll be home soon / #02 mitternacht
#01 hold on for tonight / #08 trouble sleeping
#09 everything you said / #05 memories
You are given a specific time frame once a day to capture the scene you already pictured in your mind before the sun sets all the way below the horizon and daylight will be gone for the day. Nautical Twilight always felt deeply melancholic to me and has something unique that is kind of fragile since it is only visible for just a short amount of time every 24 hours.
The imagery is so beautiful yet haunting -- filled with love and devastation. Inspired by the cinematic charisma of Los Angeles and the incomparable and individual feelings associated with the end of a day.
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