The Labelle Foundation is a Los Angeles foster-based 501(c)(3) animal rescue devoted to saving, rehabilitating, and advocating for dogs. Through engaging the community far and wide, the Labelle Foundation aims to serve the animal rescue community by specializing in neonatal orphans, medical dogs, and mothers and babies.
Their goal is to help the animals they rescue find loving forever families, save as many lives as possible, and educate on the importance of responsible dog ownership.

I followed the volunteers of the Labelle Foundation for a day at their headquarters welcoming and processing 15+ dogs just rescued from the streets and shelters of Bakersfield, California.
The so-called "Transportation Tuesday" is the day that changes the lives of these dogs forever — right after they were dumped, surrendered, and forgotten. Little did they know that this was the best that could have happened to them — it allowed them to be found. Now they are all facing bright futures in loving foster and forever homes.
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